How it Works

Best Dental Tourism in Moldova:

  • Best Prices

The lowest prices for dental tours and all the necessary services, than in any other country in Europe, and in our clinic for you the best prices in Moldova. We are confident that you will not only receive quality treatment, but also have a great time at minimal costs for dental treatment overseas.

  • Individual Approach

Individual approach to each client, which starts even before arriving in Moldova. Before the beginning of treatment you can get from us all the necessary information about accommodation, including the provisional cost of treatment be it implantology, prosthetics or cosmetic dentistry abroad!

  • No Language Barriers

No language barriers. For the period of your stay in Moldova you will have a permanent contact with our employee who speaks your language and who will answer all your questions at any time of the day. Also, he will accompany you  to the dentist and will be your personal translator.

  • Treatment at any time

Treatment at any time without recording and waiting. In case you decide to visit Moldova for dental tourism, you do not need to pre-register or stand in line, we will do everything for you, just come and the help will be provided immediately. Cheap dentistry abroad offers you everything in order to leave you satisfied for the period of your dental vacations!

  • Excellent Vacation

Excellent pastime for the entire period of treatment. We will provide you with the necessary information about historical places, museums, restaurants, theaters and other cultural and entertainment places that you can visit. Choose dentists abroad and you will have more benefits at the same time with dental tourism in Moldova.

Explore for Dental Tours & Dental Vacations

  • Contact us by completing the contact form below and attaching your X-ray.
  • In the short term of your email, you will get our budget with all the explanation of the treatment and the period required for each phase. All of this is absolutely free.
  • If you like the price of the treatment or if you want another treatment option either cheaper or simpler, let us know and we’ll be back with another budget.
  • If you have any questions or something is not clear, contact us, our agent will answer all your questions and if needed will help to choose together the best treatment solution.
  • If you decided to come to us to start the treatment, please let us know the treatment period, this way we’ll be ready to meet you at the airport.
  • At the airport, you will be met by our agent who will follow you to the apartment or hotel and will be with you at the clinic translating the conversation with doctors. These services are offered for free.
  • On the day of departure, we offer the necessary guarantees and all the necessary documents and we will carry you to the airport.
  • From the beginning, complete this contact form and we’ll get back with our treatment solution absolutely for free.
  • For our clients, we offer accommodation in a luxury apartment with all the necessary facilities in just 7 minutes walking from the clinic. The price for this starts from 30 euros per day. To make it cheaper, we suggest you take one or two friends who still need treatment, so you will share this amount at 2 or 3 because the number of people does not change the cost of rent. Near the apartment is the largest shopping center in Chisinau, MallDova where there are many restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment. Also on the first floor of the building is a hypermarket where you can find any food you want.

  • The specialists in our clinic first try to do everything qualitatively to prevent any defects in the future, but we also offer a guarantee for most of our work.
  • For implantation, we offer a 5-years warranty for the implant, and the implant installation warranty is at the discretion of our implantologist, he decides for how long to offer the warranty and in most cases, it depends on the patient’s hygiene.
  • For prosthetic works, we offer a 5-year warranty for 1-year therapies.