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Here are The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first if I want to come to Moldova for treatment?

Just let us know the period you would like to come and we’ll help you with flight tickets and everything else necessary to know.

Do you have any special offers or extra discounts?

Yes, our assistant will inform you about actual offers, which are available for the moment.

Is there anybody who will meet me at the airport and accompany me during my stay in Moldova?

Yes, your assistant will meet you at the airport and guide you everywhere needed.

What documents do I need for my travel to Moldova?

Just your passport, nothing else needed.

Do you offer an accommodation for the period of stay in Moldova?

Yes, we offer luxury apartments in premium location, near clinic, for the cost of 30€ a day.

How long should I stay in Moldova to complete my treatment?

It depends of what kind of treatment you need, but usually it takes 5 up to 14 days for one visit.

Can I change the treatment plan if I want some other cheaper or more expensive materials?

Sure, you can choose any treatment option you would like according to your budget or preferences.

Do you offer any warranty for treatment?

Sure, usually we offer 3-5 years warranty for our works.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us about any queries that you might have.

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