0% Duration of intervention
The duration of the intervention is shorter due to minimally invasive technique.
0% Accuracy
The precision of the CAD-CAM system
0% Satisfaction
We do the prosthetic work in order to leave the patient satisfied with the result.
0% Immediate load
In most cases, the bone allow us to do the immediate load.

We use the latest technology and only the most qualitative materials. Among the technologies we use:

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Immediate loading of implants

    • Immediate implants are, as the name says, very fast implants that rebuild your teeth in one day, so you no longer have to have natural teeth missing for months. If we were to give them a definition, we can say about immediate loading dental implants that they are surgical maneuvers that implantologists use to quickly replace a missing tooth or broken teeth. In the case of classical dental implants, it takes a long time for the work to reach the final contour until the crown or final prosthesis is fixed similar to the natural tooth, but in the case of immediate implants, you can go back home with teeth already after the first visit.
    • In the case of immediate dental implants, loading is done shortly after insertion of the implant into the bone, it means that you leave the clinic with a new tooth after a single session. In addition to obvious benefits such as psychological comfort and the ability to smile without problems, immediate dental implants can also correct certain problems that natural teeth have had, for example, poor alignment. Everyone can benefit from immediate dental implants as long as the teeth have developed completely.
  • Immediate loading implants receive temporary teeth that are worn until osteointegration is completed, and then replaced with permanent prosthetic work. It is advisable to avoid large mechanical efforts on temporary teeth to protect the healing process of the bone.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

    • In minimally invasive surgical interventions, surgery is performed with the support of state-of-the-art technologies without large incisions on the body. The benefits of minimally invasive surgery are numerous and include the following:
    • The duration of surgery is, in most cases is shorter, stress and suffering are significantly reduced.
    • Pain is less intense in minimally invasive surgical procedures, the discomfort is much diminished compared to traditional surgery.
    • Tissues are less damaged, and recovery time is shorter.
    • Most minimally invasive surgical procedures have a higher accuracy than traditional ones.
  • In our dental clinic in Moldova any client can benefit of such kind of procedures

CAD-CAM Computerized Technology

  • The name of this technology can be associated with milling technology’s prosthetic restorations. The name of the system is made up of the initials of words that refer to its processes: CAD (computer-aided design) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Through this digital technology, the device performs customized design for each individual clinical case. It is ideal for the manufacture of inlays, onlay, overlay, crowns, ceramic facades, dental bridges, orthodontic appliances as well as surgical guides.
    • This method has the following advantages:
    • As a modern computerized technique, with the help of the CAD-CAM system, the prosthetic work is made with a very high accuracy, making it impossible to fail.
    • Another benefit of the zirconium prosthetic work done with this system is the low completion time of the procedure. For other types of prosthetic work, patients are required to do at least three visits to the dentist’s office, but with the help of modern computerized techniques, a single visit is often sufficient. In addition, there are many cases where there is no need for temporary work, as with classic restoration procedures.
    • The procedure is simpler and the results are incomparably better. Manual prosthetic done in the dental laboratory is based only on the technician’s experience, but in the case of the computerized technique, the technician can have much greater control and achieve a perfect result.
    • Another reason why patients opt for this type of work is the quality of the materials used. The CAD-CAM system uses solid colored ceramic blocks to reproduce the natural, beauty, strength and functionality of the tooth. It is not enough that this tooth has a similar look to the other teeth on the arch, also it matches the composition and structure of the natural tooth.
  • This computerized system has revolutionized and simplified how to perform prosthetic work, while also providing patients with the perfect dental function and an impeccable, long-lasting look. Moreover, at a time when the lack of free time is an increasingly common problem, the fact that the duration of the treatment is significantly reduced and the guarantee is longer. All these make the prosthetic works in the zirconium the right choice of patients having a lack of one or more teeth. It is a dental aesthetic solution that we strongly recommend to every patient.

Here are some of the materials our dental clinic abroad uses: