Dental Implantation

Dental Implantation in Abroad & Dental Implantation in Moldova

Teeth Implants Abroad & Dental Implants Abroad

The dental implants abroad is the perfect treatment for missing teeth, effectively replacing the missing tooth. The dental implant is the only one that gives the patient the possibility to recover the tooth without having to sacrifice other healthy teeth, it was created precisely by the desire to keep as many teeth as possible from the oral cavity of each patient.

If 10-15 years ago, the only solution when one or more teeth were lost was to make a bridge or a dental prosthesis, today we can rehabilitate this loss through dental implants that basically substitute the tooth or lost teeth without the intervention on neighboring teeth. It is the only minimally invasive solution that gives us the opportunity to recreate the functionality of the lost teeth.

Teeth implants abroad in Moldova in just a few days with only 4 or 6 implants or the so-called “All on 4/6/8” system, to rebuild an entire tooth arch, is a brief introduction to this new innovation. In short, it is possible to carry out the extractions of the broken teeth, insert the implants and perform the dental work in a single day. The good part is that this technique is possible for patients with significant bone loss.

Instead of the traditional method of placing an implant for each missing tooth, the All on 4, All on 6 and All on 8 work by placing 4.6 or 8 implants on the lower jaw and 4/6 or 8 implants on the upper jaw, Using the best available bone areas. The back implants are strategically inclined to bypass the upper jaw and the vital nerve structure of the lower jaw. The tilt angle of the implant also allows the placement of longer implants, which are better stabilized in the bone, which in turn ensures that the implants are very stable. Once the implants are in place, temporary teeth / dental bridge can be attached, that is so called immediate loading. This means you can go home over a few days with a set of natural-looking teeth. It also means that you can eat and drink and return to normal social life immediately. If you are looking for dental implantation abroad, then dental implantation in Moldova is the best solution for you!

After a period of 4-6 months, the second stage of treatment follows, the final implant works are completed. During this time, implants are integrated and soft tissues heal in totalities. The final work is done to perfectly fit the healed bone and gingiva and achieve a perfect occlusion. This stage is very important for the long-term success of the entire treatment.
  • Fast solution to replace the missing tooth
  • It?s a painless procedure
  • The need to treat the neighboring teeth is eliminated
  • Requires impeccable hygiene to extend its lifetime.
  • It takes 4-6 months for the implant to integrate well.
  • There must be sufficient bone mass in the jaw, and the bone must be strong enough to support the implant.

Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthesis means the restoration of teeth by fixed works: facets, crowns, and dental bridges, as well as by movable works: total or partial prosthesis, skeleton prostheses with special systems, prosthesis on implants.

We use top quality materials and we work with highly trained technicians, so we offer personalized, not only remarkable aesthetic but functional works too.

We execute:

– Ceramic or composite facets;
– crowns on the implant;
– crowns and bridges made of ceramic a metallic support;
– zirconium ceramic crowns and bridges;
– works of integral ceramics;
– acrylic and elastic, total and partial prostheses
– prostheses on implants;
– skeletal prostheses with special systems.

When, for various reasons, a piece of a tooth is missing and can not be replenished by filling, or the dental walls are too thin to withstand the mastication pressures, it is necessary to cover the tooth with a crown.
Also, when a tooth is missing from the arch and the empty space is bordered by teeth that are not integral but damaged, have caries or have coronary obturations (seals), in these cases a bridge is used. Cover the limbs and replace the edged space with a crown to restore the lost physiognomy and functionality.

When empty space after tooth extraction is bordered by integral teeth, the implant is used to repair the incomplete arcade. When the patient loses a large number of teeth and for various reasons they can not be replaced by fixed works, such as decks or implants, movable prosthetic works are used.
  • Aesthetics are excellent in the case of zirconium, nuances, saturation, and brightness offer a perfect imitation of the natural tooth.
  • Extremely long life, but good dental hygiene and regular visits from 6 to 6 months must be respected.
  • Low time: after teeth grinding, they will be imprinted, and in about 2 days the crowns will be installed.
  • Needs impeccable hygiene, thus prolonging the life of the crowns.
  • In the event of non-compliance with hygiene, crown decay may occur.
  • Allergy to some prosthetic materials.

Dental Surgery

The most common practice of dental surgery is in the case of extractions that occur when a tooth is destroyed and can no longer be restored or cause complications. Then, dental surgery is the basis for a dental implant or a dental bridge.

Our dental surgeon specialists can solve even the most complicated cases, such as maxillary cysts, granulomas, brain inclusions or semi inclusions, sinus lifting, periapical curettage, augmentation and many other procedures.
  • Low risk of inflammation
  • Fast healing
  • Solving problems other than surgery can not be solved
  • It can keep a feeling of pain or discomfort for a short time after surgery
  • The specialist in surgery should be chosen with the utmost care
  • Sometimes require a period of preparation with the antibiotic prescribing


Dental therapy is the dental specialty that deals with treating injuries that destroy dental hard tissues, known as “caries”. The earlier it is detected, the greater the chance of being treated more simply, fewer expensive and requiring less visits to the dentist.

Initially, it is visualized as a brown dot; In time, the point turns into a cavity, which, undetected and untreated, increases, its evolution leading to the dental pulp being affected. Symptoms are minor in the first place: cold or sweet embarrassment, then greater pain, pressure sensitive tooth or even a tooth wall fracture.
  • Prerequisites a total treatment of teeth to health.
  • It takes no long time to see the result.
  • The patient can eat and lead a normal way of life once the procedure is completed.
  • The most perfect are to start the treatment when the first symptoms appear.
  • Choose the doctor who will use only TOP materials.

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