About immediate load

Known as the fast dental implant, the immediate implant is a compressed procedure in a single session.
This means instead of having multiple visits to the clinic for more than one procedure, you can only do one and have teeth in one day. Practically today, you present yourself to the doctor and tomorrow you go with new teeth.

Classically, two stages implants are practiced, so the implant is inserted and after 3 months the work is done. This traditional method is used and is still used to allow the body to integrate the implant, to be welded to the bone and to resist over time.

Recent research shows that success is the same and that the integration of the implant is identical, both in the classic case and in the procedure with immediate loading. So the method actually adopted depends on the doctor’s experience and patient priorities.
As mentioned above, Immediate Loading implant means the implant on which temporary work is being constructed (eg crowns, prosthesis) at the same session. If one tooth or more is missing, one or more temporary plastic crowns are used. If it is a replacement for all teeth, the work used will be the total transient prosthesis.
Once the implant or implants have been integrated into the bone, the temporary/transient works are replaced with permanent works, usually made of zirconium.