Considered advanced technique, it is extremely important for both technician and dentist through the benefits it offers. Treatments for dental and prosthetic aesthetics have become increasingly popular with patients who want to benefit from painless treatments and to make or enhance the chewing function and especially the aesthetic function. Modern techniques combine the state of health and beauty with a brilliant and white smile. This is the goal of specialists who underline the restoration of dental structures and biocompatible materials, made with the help of computer technology, perfectly integrated into the physiognomy of each patient.

The Cad/Cam system allows the production of prosthetic parts that meet the needs of the doctor and the patient, which are excellent both aesthetically and especially in short terms of time to get a restoration.

This system consists of a scanner, a computer with 3D image software, and diamond milling machines, quick and precise cutter that transform processed data into a finished product. Its goals are accurate and a real help in the field of dental medicine, increasing the efficiency of dental treatment, standardizing prosthetic eruptions, developing new groups of materials and dental treatment concepts.